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Posted on 05-30-2017


A doctor of chiropractic is a practitioner who examines patients, analyzes lab results, diagnoses, treats a patient’s condition and advises patients about courses of preventive care. Also known as Primary Spine Care Providers, Chiropractors specifically diagnose and treat back and neck pain as well as other health problems associated with the body’s muscular, nervous and skeletal systems. Chiropractic is considered an integral part of any health care team.

As with any other primary care provider, patients seek chiropractic care for many reasons. Often patients new to Chiropractic are looking for pain relief after an accident or injury or if they are experiencing acute neck or back pain. Other patients use Chiropractic as a form of preventive care. At Total Health Associates, many of our athletes seek care for sports injuries not related to the back or spine.

Given that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives, the demand for Chiropractic care is on the rise. With more than 90% of back and neck pain patients needing nonsurgical care, Total Health Associates offers a wide range of services and treatments to care for your health. Dr. Stephen Jones may treat patients with:

Spinal Manipulation


Electrical Stim

Graston Therapy

Torque Release Therapy

When treating any patient experiencing muscle pain, especially athletes, Kinesiology tape provides support and relief of pain stemming from pulled or sore muscles.

Dr. Jones also provides front line management for patients suffering from spine related disorders. In addition to ordering noninvasive tests and procedures, Dr. Jones and his well-trained staff offer patient counseling, coordination of care and long term follow up. We maintain contact with any other providers our patients are seeing so we can provide better comprehensive care and advice.

To complete the patient experience, Total Health Associates offers all patients lifestyle advice ranging from nutrition and exercise to stress reduction and relaxation techniques.


If you’re interested in Chiropractic care as a non invasive way to treat back and neck pain or any musculoskeletal disorder, call Total Health Associates, our chiropractor in Waldwick for an appointment. As a leading primary spine care specialist we can help you live pain free.

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