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Back pain can place severe limits on every aspect of your life, from your sleep quality to your ability to function and earn a living in the everyday world. But even severe pain doesn't necessarily call for extreme measures such as surgery. If you're looking for safe, effective solutions to debilitating back symptoms that don't involve surgery or dependency on drugs, then you need to investigate the non-invasive back pain treatment options offered by Dr. Stephen Jones at Total Health Associates.

back pain relief


Back pain may have a direct, obvious cause such as a car accident or fall at work.   Personal injuries are a leading cause of back pain.  Approximately 1 million back injuries occur in the workplace each year, accounting for one-quarter of all missed work.  A fall, auto accident or another sudden impact can jolt your spinal column, forcing the vertebral joints out of position, stressing discs until they herniate. Improper or dangerous lifting at work or home can easily tear major muscles, causing lower back pain and stiffness.

We often see patients for low back pain related to pregnancy.  Structural changes and weight gain that may occur during pregnancy can also produce uncomfortable lower back pain, among other discomforts. This type of acute back pain can be resolved with regular spine care which allows your body to heal properly without the interference of drugs.

If your back pain seems to come out of nowhere or has been a nagging, reoccurring problem then you may be suffering from a chronic condition that has been months or years in the making.  We often hear "I just sneezed" or "I bent over to grab something" from so many of our patients.  This type of back pain isn't necessarily a new condition.  An underlying problem presents itself in many different ways, often when we least expect it. 

Examples of such conditions include:

Bulging discs that have lost height and flattened outward, pinching nerve tissue near the spine

Strained or arthritic vertebral joints

Degenerative changes that reduce the space within the spinal canal (stenosis)

Abnormal positioning of one vertebra over another (spondylolisthesis)

Chronic muscle strain due to an untreated spinal misalignment or poor posture


Whether you're struggling with an acute injury or chronic pain, Total Health Associates can help you feel and function better through conservative, non-surgical spine care.  Chiropractors administer multiple techniques to adjust your spinal alignment and spinal joint position, enabling a normal range of joint motion, relieving stiffness and taking pressure away from pinched nerve tissue. In addition to traditional manual adjustments, Dr. Jones can also use techniques such as Torque Release and Graston Therapy to alleviate painful symptoms. 

Your aching back may also benefit from soft tissue treatments and rehabilitative techniques offered at Total Health Associates.  Massage therapy relaxes strained muscles, relieving painful spasms and lower back pain while accelerating the healing process. Acupuncture uses your body's own endorphins to create drug-free pain relief, while Physical therapy can strengthen injured muscles to protect your back against future threats.


Eliminate back pain by providing your body with the natural treatments it needs to heal itself. 

Call Total Health Associates at 201-447-5757 to experience your first step towards back pain relief.