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Devin's Story: 16 month old

I first went to see Dr. Jones after an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist and being told that my 16-month old son needed to get tubes in his ears.  Devin had had fluid in his ears for about four and a half months and I was told that his hearing was becoming affected.  I decided to take Devin to see Dr. Jones after hearing many positive stories about chiropractic work clearing children's ears.  The most amazing part of my experience came just after the first adjustment.  My son Devin had only begun walking three weeks prior and I thought it was normal for him to be falling so much and to seem so unbalanced.  Dr Jones noticed it immediately and felt that his equilibrium was off.  Devin had his first adjustment that day and amazingly walked much more steadily from that moment on!  He wobbled much less and fell less frequently.  I was truly astonished!  We continued to visit a few times a week for the next 3-4 weeks, during which time I cancelled Devin's surgical procedure.  I was a little anxious about cancelling, but really felt that he wasn't going to need it.  After about one month of treatment, I had Devin's ears checked and they were clear!  It is difficult to explain the wide range of emotion I felt: relief, joy, excitement, gratitude...

Working with Dr. Jones has been a fantastic experience - one we plan to continue.

Amy S. (Devin's Mom)