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  I am so thankful I found Dr. Jones and his amazing crew at Total Health Chiropractic. Two years ago I was forced into early retirement by poor health. I was suffering from chronic pain, having to walk with a cane, I was taking six prescription drugs for varioius ailments and over twenty pills daily. My life was a misery. I went to my primary care physician, a rheumatologist, a pulmonary specialst, a neurologist, a dental specialist and a pain management clinic just to name a few. Not one doctor offered a cause, or treatment other than drugs and had no mention of cures.

   After much time, pain and money I started looking for alternative solutions. I was fortunate to find Dr. Jones. After two months of adjustments I am sleeping better solving three of my medical conditions and feel I have plenty of energy. I no longer need a cane to walk and can move with less stiffness and pain. In addition a persistent ear ache is gone after two years and four doctors who did not help.

   I am taking one prescription medication, two pills per day, rather than twenty and I'm able to not always need others help. I can enjoy retirement to its fullist. I can not find the words to praise and thank Dr. Jones enough for all he has done for my health. I highly recommend his skills, knowledge and most especially the caring treatment I have received from Dr. Stephen Jones.

Thank you-

         Joan E.