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         "I had never been to a chiropractor before but had constant pain in my lower back.  After fighting through my fear of chiropractic work, I began to see Dr. Jones in July of 2013 when the pain had spread to my neck and down my arm.  The pain was numbing and tingling radiating down my arm.  At my worst, I felt like I had a dead arm.  It affected my life so much, especially when I was doing what I loved the most - yoga.  I was not able to go into poses all the way and I would be in excruciating pain which caused me to get frustrated.  It also affected the little things in life such as writing or typing; the pain would just turn on and limit my abilities.
          Since beginning my chiropractic care my movement is 100% better and the pain, numbness, and tingling has gone away.  Dr. Jones was able to make assessments about my condition through MRI's and his treatments.  He discovered that the reason for all the pain was due to bulging discs on my cervical spine.  My yoga practice continues to improve because of the better movement and less pain that I endure during the class thanks to Dr. Jones' knowledge and ability to fix the issue.
           There are many benefits I have experienced besides pain relief since my chiropractic care has begun.  I feel much stronger and after diagnosing my specific problem I learned specific exercises I could do with my trainer.  These exercises helped me strengthen and rehabilitate the area that was weak and problematic.
           My care in Dr. Jones' office has been a great experience.  Dr. Jones and his staff are warm, friendly, and very caring about your every need.  I am always greeted with a smile by Taylore and Jacquie, I always look forward to my appointment.  Dr. Jones' is very knowledgeable and truly is a "miracle worker".  After finding out about my bulging discs, I was not sure that I was ever going to feel good again but with the great chiropractic care I received in this office I am feeling great again.

Thank you for all that you have done,