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“In October of 2013, I threw my neck out severely just from hitting it on a desk when reaching for keys that I had dropped on the floor. I have had neck issues for about 15 years after tearing a trapezius muscle in grad school. However, this was by far the worst that it had gone out for many years and significantly impaired my ability to do much of anything. Worse, I had just relocated to Northern NJ and not being able to turn my head while driving was both scary and dangerous.

After suffering with extreme pain when trying to turn and muscle spasms from favoring my neck for a week with no improvement, I decided to try to see if a chiropractor could help. I didn’t want to “wait and see” as I had in the past when I first injured my neck as it had taken me over a year to get to a mostly pain free status when I had hurt it previously and it had tended to “go out” whenever I did certain exercises or was overly stressed anyways. I thought that a chiropractor might help because a friend of a friend had given me a “mini-adjustment” when he saw me struggling with neck pain at my friend’s wedding. As that adjustment had done as much, or even more, good  than the 3 months of physical therapy I had undergone with the original injury, I was willing to try anything that might speed up the healing process.

After 2 weeks of no improvement since hitting my head, I had started searching the web for local chiropractic businesses and found Total Health Chiropractic. When I called them after a particularly painful drive home from work (a muscle spasm when driving home from work had almost caused an accident), the staff at Total Health Chiropractic was fantastic. Jacquie was able to schedule me an appointment for the next day and was very helpful when I called to follow up about whether I needed to bring any specific items with me and as to their fragrance policy etc. Dr Jones continued that experience by completely explaining what he intended to do immediately to give me some relief, and what his long term plan would be.

My neck wasn’t cured overnight, but each visit brought relief and demonstrated noticeable results with improved movement. After 2 months though, my neck was pain free, but more importantly, I had significantly improved movement and flexibility in compared with the past decade. I’m finding it to be a welcome change to not plan my work outs or yard work with an eye towards “how would my neck going out affect future travel or work plans.” Moreover, based on this positive experience, I now know that I’m not fated to experience the same chronic back pain that I’ve seen my parents and other family members suffer from. “ – Stacey